Top 5 Hot Tips to Warm Up Your Cold Content


Top 5 Hot Tips to Warm Up Your Cold Content

Content is King

One of the best ways to warm up a “cold call” (cold content) is procuring a warm script or better yet, not to call but write. You can start off with a call to ask questions and understand your clients needs more and than curate your content accordingly or vice versa. The important thing here is ensuring your client feel like they are receiving a personal concierge-type service.




Let’s start with the cold email. Cold emailing like cold calls, can be cumbersome and drive more people away, earning your company a bad reputation for being obnoxious. Definitely not what you want when cold-emailing a potential client.

Here are some cold calling and cold emailing techniques that actually work:

  1. Keywords: First things first. Identify your target. Excellent keyword programs like Ahrefs and SEMrush will do just that.
  2. Links literally make or break your contact. Using link prospecting tools you can quickly ascertain who is the decision-maker, filter who isn’t applicable, and curate your content for personal contact.
  3. Be informative, not sales-y. Most people will hang up, slam the door or delete any attempt that comes across as disingenuine, rushed or comical. Your content should inform, using excellent graphs, as well as action steps on how your customer needs your product to achieve their goals.
  4. Know their problem, so you can be the solution.

Integrate SEO So Your Cold Emails Get Responses

Here is an example of how to integrate all of these elements. Your SEO company wants to offer innovative and exciting ways for small businesses to jump to the next level. Using keywords you will want to weed out companies that are high rankers, looks like they have it covered. This also would mean someone who isn’t ranking at all. You are looking for that sweet spot, the middle-of-the-road folk who have some organic search but they can use improvement.

Know their niche. If your company is most successful at providing SEO for e-commerce sites. Show don’t just tell them how you can improve their lead generation, conversion rate, and optimize their site for maximum impression and view time to see real profit.

Keep your writing simple, easy to read, and concise. If you can’t succinctly describe what you have to offer, why would your client trust you to be its optimizing choice? When cold-emailing a potential client, your first impression is everything, tell them what you can do for them succinctly and without the fluff. This brings us to the #5 thing to do to warm up those emails, use an email template!

Cold Email Templates – Quick Tips

Let’s Sum Things Up

You can melt that lethal iceberg of cold contact with these hot tips. Be authentic, personal and get to the point. Do your research. Chasing after poor leads will get you nowhere. Know your target audience and curate their experience, the same way you will curate your service to meet their needs. First impressions are everything when you write, get it right! Personal, patient and funny make for great door-openers.


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