Shopping Ecommerce Concept Isometric Poster


Shopping Ecommerce Concept Isometric Poster

Ron here, Yeah, read the headline again…

Internet is the Only Solution

If you haven’t realized it yet…its 2020…we are 24 years since the birth of email and a little less than 16 years since Social Media became “a thing” – oh, they aren’t going anywhere.

Through my travels in the world of business, I’ve encountered 2 types of businesses, evolving or dying.

Evolving isn’t a NEW thing, people and businesses have had to do this since the stone age…but something unique happened with the internet that caused a LOT of now dying businesses to disregard the internet

Ok – so now why has a large amount of businesses decided to die and not move to the digital age?

We can theorize answers like “I have an offline business or I don’t understand it, or its too expensive..” The list can probably fill 20 blog posts…

Bad news: it doesn’t really matter, get in, or get out.

Ok now for some good news…

Emails and Social Media go hand in hand in almost everything that happens in the internet.

Think about it like this…

LinkedIn, the BEST Social Media for businesses to connect, grow and become an authority in your space, combined with Emails to keep your group of contacts ALWAYS thinking about YOU is the winning combination to stay ahead of your competition.

With the advancements of the smart phone, smart watch, smart…life we all live in now, you can literally live in your client’s pockets with the tap of a button.

This is like putting 10,000 billboards all around town…for way cheaper and far more effective than dying physical ads (no-one is looking at them anyway since they’re starting at their phones!

But Ron! What about Google Ads??

What about them? They’re nothing but sheer awesome and have changed the world as we described it above.

Then why am I not focusing on Google Ads here?

Few reasons…

a) Topic for another blog and

b) Most SMB companies don’t have the budget to allocate and be competitive on the keywords they are looking to push. Google awards placement and view ability to the highest bidder (they are a business after-all, they don’t care who pays them)

But Ron! How do I get discovered?

Not to sound like a broken record, but again, Social and Email, Social being your ra ra ra out in the market “look how awesome I am” and Email your invitation to connect with your customers in the privacy/Home of your customer’s internet (their private inbox).

Ok, I get it….but now what do I do…?

No worries, we’re here to help!
First step you’ve already done, recognized that you need the internet to live (yeah we can go on how robots are taking over the world but be it as it may)

There are a lot of great programs you can sign up to

LinkedIn (Biggest best website to getting your name out there. Sign up …NOW)

MailChimp (Best email marketing company for SMB) . No, we don’t get affiliate commissions, we just think they’re awesome.

Ok, why are you still reading this, get going!

Good Luck! If you need any help, the KAMG team would love to chat with you to help you get started. You can book a 10 min free consult now

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