Selling on Instagram is part of the definition of Influencer Marketing. From celebrity to fashion, to sports and gaming, even to NSFW users using R SFW to bait, Instagram has been the Influencer’s market pool since 2012 and still is. Popular Instagrammers influence followers to subscribe to their ideas, beliefs, lifestyles and, of course, products and services they either use or produce. A good following on IG can make you sell.



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One of today’s celebrated business trends is Influencer Marketing and one of the most long-running hot platforms of the age of hashtags is Instagram. Instagrammers can be your celebrity or an ordinary person who has managed to get a good number of followers on the platforms. Their followers will basically believe anything they say and purchase whatever they advertise or sell depending on how much they value the Influencer or the context by which the offering is presented.

Hence, to be successful in Instagram, an Influencer must be a master at researching and identifying products that can create high-impact conversations or statements with their subscribers, and they must have a sound marketing strategy built on subscriber care, social media relevance and content quality.


An influencer carries a form of digital charisma, they hold two kinds of power – trust and credibility. This is something that is more than just how many likes, reposts or followers they have. It is how they affect the consciousness of the people surrounding their network.

The Instagrammer’s review is, thus, powerful. This is why many advertisers sponsor popular IG accounts for product placement. An influencer’s good words about your product is 10x more powerful than a paid IG native ad.

Instagram is known as the most engaging social media platform – it is the go-to in terms of look, clothes, travel destinations, cosmetics, food and more. Influencers on IG build their following on a daily basis through IG-worthy content.

If their content is about cosmetics, they produce interesting stories and posts related to make-up, consequent brands, dos and don’ts of putting on make-up and more. These are carefully made and researched posts that maintain the interest of followers.

Instagram is essentially a target-market shortcut for popular influencers. Influencer subscribers are those who value their content and offerings. They are already optimized audiences pre-categorised per influencer. They are essentially interactive advertising platforms in human form.

Their already used potential in selling is undeniably incredible.


An effective Influence Marketer is one who can convert views to site traffic, leads or purchases and it is quite easy to find the perfect influencer to endorse your product.

Though some IG Influencers have their own product line to promote, some monetize their influence by selling others’ products. That can be your product of course. You just have to find the right influencer for you.

Identify influencer’s stats, social media platform used that target your market, their niche, and engagements they produce, etc. When these fit your products advertising needs and your budget and values, it’s a match.

It is significantly better to get someone who is already familiar or likes your brand. Someone who sees how good or appealing your brand is. It’s easier to work with them too.

As much as possible, it is best not to get an influencer who’s had history with a competitor. Unless it gives you more leverage than controversy.



This is the most common type of campaign as it is easy and manages engagement with having the influencer review your product making an informed decision for your customers on what to expect about your product helping raise brand awareness on your product.


By sending out free or sample products to influencers, a giveaway contest can be put into action. One of the best and high engaging tactics where new audience are raised just by the tags made. The influencer requires the followers to follow your brand or company’s page and asks them to tag at least 3-5 people in their post. Imagine how many more people are introduced about your product with that post.

Sponsored Posts

If you’re an IG user, you’ve probably seen posts from your favorite celebrity with “Sponsored Post” under their handle. These posts are done by paying influencers to make their own content for your product or service. They feature it by talking about your product, how it works, where to buy or get it depending on how you want it to be.

Brand Representative

This is done by converting an influencer into a representative or ambassador of your brand. With this, you can actually provide your influencer with a customized discount code or link that they can share with their audience. For every conversion your influencer makes, you can remunerate them with a

certain amount or as stated on their contract. Your product gets known, you gain audience, and you get customers.


Your popular Instagrammer’s promotion of your product is just the first step. If your ad campaign with this Influencer is successful, the views will turn to traffic, leads or sales on your site.

This is the part where you make sure that your systems are at optimum condition. Really good IG influencers often bring massive amounts potential customers, subscriptions and queries – this requires you to have a very efficient e-mail system.

Search engine optimization experts prescribe Response Driven Emails for your business. This means that your email must have a fully automated email system that gives customer gets the personal touch with engaging content that keeps them coming back for more.

Of course your emails must be structured for maximum potency and only show the most relevant content to your subscribers.

We at have seo marketing experts who can help you build you Response Driven Emails that convert inquiries to sales.

Kas Andz Marketing Group employs the use Send Time Optimization to make sure that your subscriber gets the email when they want it. We will divide your list in to more optimized and specified interest groups, so that your subscribers will only get the content and products they want to see – this way, there is no following action after browsing but purchase.

When advertising with IG Influencers, know that it is a big gold mine of potential leads. The Influencer’s power is really… powerful. To be blunter, they are gods to their subscribers. When you market with them, it is important that your product matches their reputation and doesn’t contradict their values. The most important thing though, is that you have the ability to receive the inquiries and site visits they bring you and turn them into sales with the help of seo stats and site analysis. A professional seo agency like can get you there.