Save 15% on your eCommerce Shop


Save 15% on your eCommerce Shop

Ecommerce Shop – Ever shop online? Great, you’re not alone…and if you want sell online and you don’t want to pay Amazon 15% of your sale you’ll need an eCommerce store.

Oh yeah, Amazon as a customer AWESOME, Amazon as a seller…not as Awesome

Now that we hurt Jeff Bezos’s ego just a little bit…

Now that you want to be a seller online, then you likely know the Shopify platform (if not, GET TO KNOW THE SHOPIFY PLATFORM.. Its not just an 1-2-3 easy way to run your shop, but Shopify provides some of the best eCommerce apps for boosting your marketing productivity.

Oh, you’re welcome, oh, there’s more.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been selling for 10 years or just starting today,from building forms to simplifying marketing automation, some of the best Shopify apps available can help you setup your marketing process for your eCommerce store. The best part is that Shopify is big enough that its stores get Google ranked faster (that means you can get found much faster)

Shopify has over 2000 apps in their store. Some are free, some cost a bit, but when you find the 2-3 apps that fit your business, oh man, is it ever sweet.

Wow Ron! But how can I choose between 2000 apps?

My favorite way is to randomly clicking on stuff (wait, that’s picking political parties)

Ok – With so many Shopify apps to choose from, its true it CAN be easy to get lost in the 450 same named apps that all appear to be the same thing. What you got to be careful is getting frustrated and then choosing the wrong solution…and when that happens you spend more time trying to compensate the issue rather than having the app actually help you.

First step is to figure out actually what you actually need…to work this out, you first got to put yourself in the customers seat…what are they experiencing , whats annoying and whats easy.

Next, once someone does buy something, are you able to fill that order easily?

Ask yourself, which parts of the process either takes the most time, or is the most prone to human error.

Its actually a lot easier than you think and the problems/solutions present themselves quite quickly. Now that you have your list, you can start searching for a solution?

Story Time: Ecommerce Shop

Jenny owns and manages a lighting shop online. She does “ok” in business but finds herself constantly with customers complaining that products are out of stock and they don’t know how to get it.

Sounds like a good problem? Well, sure, yes, it is, but those customers are going somewhere else.

Jenny asked what she can do, we pointed her towards “Back in Stock”, available on the Shopify app store…4.9 Stars / 5 Stars.

If you couldn’t guess from the name, it tells customers by email when those products are coming back in stock, notifies them and draws them back in, makes that sale.

Notice anything else?


Repeat after me “Opted in Email ADDRESSES!” Say wha?? ?

This also triggers something super powerful – people who opt in to these notifications are also willing to put off their purchase, waiting for yours to come back…so stay on top of it and treat your customers right!

Here’s some homework! Find 3 problems your eCommerce store has, and go find the solution! Virtually all apps have a trial period to see if its helping your process, so don’t be shy, go for it ?

That’s all for today folks ?


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