Rise of the C-Level Agency


Rise of the C-Level Agency

At least the title wasn’t the rise of the zombies…yet

Ok everyone, most of you are tired of reading covid-19, covid-20 and any other number that keeps us isolated. (for those googling, there is no covid-20).

Other than airlines, the biggest loser from this whole situation are office space leasers, and the biggest winner is basically…anything on the internet, from ecommerce to influencers.

But…What about everyone else… how can the others businesses run, and run efficiently without

their top brass, middle brass, and entry level brass.

(hint: look at the title of the article)

These days outsourcing, once a term with a bad rep of going to the far east for customer service, is actually a local business now. The same people you would have hired to come in to your office are, well, home-bound for the foreseeable future. If you live in a country where they got on the coronavirus train late (looking at you America), you could be a much while longer before the hysteria calms down.

Hiring outsourced management and workers, at all levels is the key to continuing business in uncertain times, and you need all levels of management. Who would have thought that even 10 years ago that “managing a remote team” would have been a prized possession on a Resume or CV?

Sounds simple, whats the problem here?

The problem is mentalities. Many (especially looking at you America) owners have the old factory mentality towards work, you show up at 9, work you behind off for 8hrs while at the office and leave at 5. because if you’re not here to do the work, how do I know its getting done?

I’ve consulted for many businesses that believe that mentality and its discouraging, disheartening. I worked with a fellow, who was the COO of an multinational eCommerce giant and was called at 9:07am one morning as to why he wasn’t in the office yet…this was the second in command of a company of 50 people and couldn’t be trusted by the owner.

So what’s the solution?

If you haven’t guessed it already, its going digital with products, services, and people . You’ll be amazed how efficiently a company can run remotely and the human resources, scale-ability and skill you have available when you’re not stuck in the confines of your locale.

The CEO in Los Angeles, can hire a COO in Miami and a CMO in New York and a CFO in Seattle and work just as well. With the plethora of digital tools out there to bring people digitally closer together (Zoom, Skype) and project management tools like Monday.com or Ora.pm, its business as usual.


Don’t let that old time factory mentality get in the way. It is:


I consulted for a guy whose boss (I wish I was making this up) put a spyware on every employees computer that he could remote in to their computer at any time, without the employee knowing.

To quote Charlton Heston in the 10 Commandments after showing Pharaoh the production rate of well fed workers, taking from the temple granaries, “The city is made of bricks. The strong make many, the starving make few, the dead make none. So much for accusations”

Translating to today…set the business goals and give your workers the freedom to do it. If they want the job, they’ll do it.

To Conclude

Today’s top brass must be masters of the remote work, hiring them is your solution for sustainable business and even growth. The same rigorous process you put in to hiring C-Level staff can still apply, but take a good look at yourself first and know what you need, then apply.

Stay safe everyone,

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