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What’s better than 1 to 1 marketing? Let’s try 1 to 10,000 marketing!

The Kas Andz Marketing Group has connections to 100s of leading podcasts hosts and shows. We will source the perfect audience(s) for your service and/or product and put you in front of them to promote.

Our podcast marketing services are not just popular stations, but influence and trust leaders as well. This means that if a host supports YOUR idea, their followers are more inclined to buy.

In June of 2019, Brampton Media was hosted on the Steven Allen show selling his latest strategy. Through our proprietary, advanced tracking system, we were able to establish that the one podcast show brought in new and ongoing revenue of $4,000/month.

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Podcasts are more popular than ever which means getting air time is getting in
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From daily commutes to background music podcasts are playing all day every day.

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The first step to finding your perfect podcast is to understand your business. Our team will take a deep dive in to your business and understand your ideal customer, ideal audience, and ideal pitch. With these tools combined we will be able to find your perfect hosts to market your product



Goal Setting

Once we have a good hold of your market positioning, we set the targets to of number of shows to appear on, your pitch, and ultimately sales/revenue you’re looking to generate from within the scope of your business. We use these goals as the baseline for success and business thrive.




Using your goals and objectives as the foundation, we’ll pin down exactly which shows you will be most successful at and build the strategy for getting you to appear on those shows. Podcasts are like celebrity spots and giving them the latest craze and cutting-edge solutions like yours is the key to stardom.




With the agreed strategy in place, we begin to market your offerings to our vast network, optimizing using the market trends to keep your product noticed and at the top of the charts.



Podcasts are the world’s new radio stations. Even better, podcasts are the radio stations that only play what you want , when you want it. With millions of people listening to so many podcasts every single hour, the amount of attention and persuasion that podcast hosts have is nothing short of incredible. With this type of power, it becomes a huge level of responsibility. Which means its your time to shine.

Our team will work with you to get time on the podcasts that fit your perfect client type. Imagine getting 15-20 minutes in front of your best audience, of your best, most interested, and most lucrative customers. Podcasts, like radio spots of the past present to you a goldmine of opportunity that has never presented itself an opportunity for your business to explode.

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Our dedicated team knows what it takes to succeed in today’s turbulent markets. 35 years of success backed by our money back guarantee, your success is our success.


Leadership in your marketing arm is where we shine from campaign creation to team management, we takes company objectives and converts them into revenue giants.


We understand that your time is valuable. This is why we work independently giving you the time to work on your business, while we do all the rest.

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FAQ’s about London’s
Best Podcast Booking Services

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are similar to radio shows, an audio only production that is accessible via the internet, and especially are popular on mobile devices.

Why are podcasts good for marketing?

Podcasts have a loyal audience who trust their hosts and the information they provide on their shows. The more popular the show, the more listeners attend and reap the words that the host has to say. Marketing in large crowds gives your product or service a bigger net to create more sales?

How do I get hosted on a podcast?

Leave that to us! We have connections to hundreds of podcast hosts in every niche and business type. Our team will connect you and get you a placement for the best audience possible!

I’m not a great speaker, is this for me?

Yes, even more shy people become super animated and excited talking about their products. In addition, we will work with you prep the show so you will come off amazing!

How long will my spotlight be?

Depends by show, but you can expect anywhere from 10-20 minutes being a guest on the show.