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Meet Kas Andz!
Your Email Marketing Team Leader

Kas is an award winning marketer, hitting record sales targets for large entities such as Revolut , Cakebox, and Gladfish. Kas’s unique approach towards email marketing has allowed him to achieve an additional 300% revenue return for his happy clients.

Kas is now opening the doors and mentoring marketers to expand his reach to help you.

Meet Ron Balofsy!
Chief Operations Officer

Ron is a seasoned tech professional with over 16 years experience in marketing and high tech operations. Fully equipped with email growth strategies, automation, team management, Ron managed a successful eCommerce giant of over $75M/Year in revenue.

Ron would love to hear from you and share his strategies with how to grow your company.

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Kas has 10+ years experience in email marketing, automation, optimization solutions and strategies. Kas started as team member of Cake Box and was quickly identified as a mover and shaker. Becoming Brand & Marketing Specialist after a short time Kas had amassed huge 7 figure revenues for his clients, defeating all sales targets and objectives.

Today Kas is here to bring that wealth of knowledge and experience to your table.

Hitting The Top Of The Inbox Using
Intelligent Email Advertising

Kas Andz is the CEO and founder of Kas Andz Marketing Group, a full service Email Marketing agency.

Impactful Content

Use relevant content that your clients want to see and use

Lead Scoring

Tracking User Activity to Send them the most relevant content

Send Time Optimization

Sending emails exactly when your client wants to get them


Real time analytics to make smarter business decisions.


Emails that run on a strategic schedule, automation of revenue.

End to End Marketing

From the email to dollars in the bank. Our Ecommerce solution is second to none.

List Growth

Growing your consumer list with the right leads

Dynamic Content

Your customers are different people. Send them only what they want to see

Scalable Solution

Sending 100 or 100,000,000 messages, we got you covered.

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Our word is good, but the proof is in the pudding. Check out our video case-studies and see how our happy customers are enjoying our services.

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Kas and his team have been granted awards in Your Horizon Entrepreneur programmes, and recognised by Clutch as one of the top email marketing agency’s.

Having generated over £4.5 Million in new business revenue, Kas Andz has developed a system of success and trust in email and marketing channels for enterprises & startups.

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Knowledge And Experience In Motion

Watch how Kas does it and how he can help you achieve the same success

Listen To Kas Andz Explosive The Podcast
Scene On Listen #Biz With Beard & Bald

Kas Andz share his knowledge on Email Marketing & Lead Generation

Get to Know Our
Founder As Kas Andz

We don’t build just clients, we build relationships and friendships. When you are a client of ours, you become a part of our culture, a culture of success.

When Kas isn’t hitting the email pavement, you can find him hitting the treadmill and geeking out on some awesome new market hacks studying game theory.

Alumini Of:

Kas Andz share his knowledge on Email Marketing & Lead Generation

Despite growing up in ‘the hood’, Kas struggled through his primary school to become a top achiever. This sparked hope and hunger within Kas’ natural state.

Barking & Dagenham are said to be the worst area’s in the UK, yet Kas went on to achieve 11 GCSE’s and did business BTEC’s early. In the end Kas ended up being a 4x drop out.

Kas started as grapic designer at the age of 19 and then quickly excelled to become brand & marketing specialist; leading national and international marketing for the entire corporation. He worked side by side with NED’s such as Tesco’s Chairman.

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– Kas

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We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below
and enjoy our handmade work with love for every detail.

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Our dedicated team knows what it takes to succeed in today’s turbulent markets. 35 years of success backed by our money back guarantee, your success is our success.


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FAQ’s about London’s
Best Email Services

If Social Media and Google is so big, then why shouldn't i just advertise there?

Answer: There is a big difference between flashy Social Media , Google ads and everything in digital marketing. If you miss an ad on your news feed or aren’t searching for the right topic for Google to find you on the algorithm…then the message is gone

Email stays in your prospects email box…forever until it’s noticed and read (or deleted). Unlike the other “popular” mediums, Email MUST be noticed. For this reason campaigns, while they perform best in the first 48hrs, can still make conversions days or even weeks later.

Believe it or not…Stacy woke up after the first dose of mushrooms to find her lifelong fear of public speaking gone. After shrooms, she moved to LSD and MDMA, and traveled to Peru for a series of Ayahuasca ceremonies. Perfect results.

Why Kas Andz Marketing Group?

Our team has a combined 35 years experience in email marketing and we are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Email advertising is a science that requires deep market research, optimization, customization, inbox penetration, responsiveness, and impactful.