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Meet Steven, our LinkedIn Expert at Kas Andz Marketing Group.

Steven was born and raised in San Francisco and has been a part of our group since 2017. Steven was a pioneer in the LinkedIn world when it first came out in the end of 2002. Steven realized the unbridled potential of LinkedIn and began focusing on how to leverage it for himself and his clients.

Steven Is A Visionary Of The Modern Marketing
An Experienced Social Medial Professional.

Steven is a king when it comes to presenting and digital profiles. His clear messaging, positioning, strategic thinking & unique blend of skills and tools to deliver top results for his clients. With 18 years of industry experience and hundreds of successful clients under his belt, you can rest assured that Lawrence will play a key role in helping you to achieve your growth goals.

Tools: LinkedIn, Linkedin Navigator, SEM Rush, HOTJar, Ecommerce certification.

As LinkedIn Expert
You Can Expect From Steven…

  • Top Tier Profile Presentation
  • Rapid acceleration of meaningful contacts
  • Brand Recognition and Loyalty
  • Build Strategic Affiliate Alliances
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Full year cycle planning



Steven has been an influential leader to his clients, guiding their way to a better profile and better connections.

Skill Development

Steven takes the time to mentor and build his clients to give only the highest level of service.

Strategic Thinking

Steven superior approach to LinkedIn has enabled him to take clients to the new level of success.


Steven is the first to know about new consumer trends and how it affects linkedin keeps up with ever changing market trends of user behavior has allowed him to retain mastery over the market.


With over 100s of client experience, Steven is well poised to be your next step towards greatness. He has exceptional experience in linkedin marketing and delivers promising results.


Steven analytical approach to business has skyrocketed businesses like yours. He does in depth analysis of your business and develop a strategy accordingly to bring you more leads.

The Difference Is
In The Presentation.

As soon as you register with Kas Andz Marketing Group, you will have access to the industry leaders in profile management, marketing and revenue generation. We are a distributed team all across the world and are all connected through our teams’ central think tank to provide you with the only leading strategies and effective company growth


Years of Experience


Clients Served


New Contacts Created


Reported Revenue


Success Rate


New Business Exposure

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Steven is one of the most influential marketers we have had the honor of working with. As head of LinkedIn, he communicates a large team of successful consumer optimization agents that have achieved incredible results (see above).

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Brooklyn Will Make You
More Proud Of Your Business.

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below
and enjoy our handmade work with love for every detail.

Creative Solutions And
Results That Grow Brands.

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below
and enjoy our handmade work with love for every detail.

It's All About Our Proven
Linkedin Lead Gen Process.

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below
and enjoy our handmade work with love for every detail.


Average Increase in Conversions


Average Increase in new Customers


Average Increase in Customer LTV (LifeTime Value)


Every industry is different. From Services to goods and everything in between, your business is unique and your marketplace is unique. LinkedIn is the perfect environment to advance those efforts. In the discovery stage, we help you identify your unique space in the market and how we can help you become a stronger player in the market and your competition, the dos and don’ts.



Goal Setting

After the discovery phase, we are able to breakdown the goals you need to achieve within the LinkedIn environment. From profile optimization, connections, and publishing articles, the new found goals will help maintain focus and drive to reach your potential.




With the goals in place, we will build a comprehensive strategy and timeline for each action and its intended results as guided by the goals. Optimization as the business world continues to evolve is key to staying ahead of the wave and securing your place in LinkedIn’s premier league of prominence.




Lastly, our team will implement the agreed strategy and begin your ascent up the ladder of LinkedIn prestige. Our team will begin the optimization and provide the timeline of expected events and milestones to be reached.



Get Connected.

Your project deserves to be as popular and profitable as you dreamed it,
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Our dedicated team knows what it takes to succeed in today’s turbulent markets. 35 years of success backed by our money back guarantee, your success is our success.


Leadership in your marketing arm is where we shine from campaign creation to team management, we take company objectives and converts them into revenue giants.


We understand that your time is valuable. This is why we work independently giving you the time to work on your business, while we do all the rest.

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I’m Sure You Have Tons Of Questions
Well We’re Here To Answer Them For You ?

Below are our most commonly asked questions that our prospects and clients have asked us over the years. More importantly, we want to talk to you!

How long to get started with Kas Andz Marketing group?

Usually 2-4 weeks . We spend time understanding you and your business and persona. After that we spend 1-2 months of ramp and then we’re off to the races!

How do I see the success?

Every week you will speak to your account manager to get updates on latest actions, finds and any changes you may need for your account. We will go over your exposure, reach, connections and next steps for you to take.

Is LinkedIn really that serious?

Yes, Yes, and Yes. LinkedIn is not for fun and games like other social media networks. People are there for business, to hire, to make deals and partnerships.

Over 500 Million businesses are registered on LinkedIn. When people are going to research whether to work with you or not, they check your LinkedIn profile!

Will my sales hike due to using LinkedIn?

Yes, in today’s world, credibility is everything. Having a virtual presence in a trusted provider (LinkedIn) is the marketing 101 of business.

This recognition plus the new connections you will make in LinkedIn will make your sales not only greater in volume, but in quality.

Why do I need to post?

  • Showing Expertise – When you show you know everything there is to know about a subject, people respect you and you gain their trust.
  • You are always appearing in their feed so they are always thinking of you and referencing you business
  • Google appearances – the more you post and share and the more you share and get posted, Google notices this and you can become far more visible