How To Get Ahead In Advertising with PPC And Crush The Competition


The core of advertising is trust, now more than ever.


Want to know how to get ahead in advertising? PPC or Pay Per Click ads post up your offering right on top of search engines when your targeted audience types in your selected keywords. It allows you to set a budget for a certain amount of time that is consumed as payment to the website each time your ad is clicked by potential customers. This scheme makes sure that you’ll never pay more than your max budget per time. With quality products and a well-done website, the traffic that PPC can bring you can be verily converted to sales! Better sales means potential to expand your business multi-dimensionally.


Growing your business depends on the longevity that your sales allow you. This means your business has to be seen and your products sold to continue operation that earns more and more in time and expands the enterprise inevitably. Today’s evolved digital tools make business growth faster and easier than when everything was manual. Any amount of online existence and advertising can significantly add to the process of furthering a company.

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Because of the social media revolution, many have taken the now less risky venture of small to medium entrepreneurship or some form of local business – coffee shops, trendy food stores, hip services, etc. You are either one of them or are planning to get in on the hype. Here, you’ll find out what big potential a small digital step can make for your business.


Let’s say you are running a local business or are engaged in small to medium entrepreneurship in this digital era. Surely, you already know that digital presence is essential. You probably have a decent following on your social media handles. You most probably have a Facebook Page and an Instagram account where you post interesting things about your brand and products. Maybe you have already tried boosting a post for a certain amount of money, time and demographics. It is affordable and works some level of result for what you probably need or know you need. Of course, when you google your brand name, you’ll show up at the top of the engine with all the details about you that the Google Maps community organically put up – they have visited your store and made reviews; but then when you google with words related your products and services, those “legit companies” you don’t see your brand at par with show up, and you dismiss that, thinking to yourself, “Well, I’m not international anyway”.

It’s good enough that you have a humble location in the mall or in the neighborhood that is location tagged and reviewed in various map sites. It’s good enough that you’re organically planning to expand or go into franchising. Maybe you have a friend who is a small business consultant and you are enlisted in agencies that empower entrepreneurs. Surely you see nothing bad with the thought of making a mark in society with your enterprise – reaching more people who you know can benefit from your products. You know you’ll get there, but you only have the tools available and tread on a comfortable pace.

Now know this – all tools are available. There is more to digital advertising than what you know. You are actually international. It’s a digital world after all.


Your setup is fine. It works and there’s nothing wrong with it. But of course, there is always better than fine and you think it is complicated – well this one is not; and, yes seriously, no it does not cost significantly more, or even less, than what you are already used to with your ad campaigns.

SEO marketing experts use PPC (Pay Per Click) all the time. This digital advertising tool puts you on top of search engines as affordable as you choose it to be.

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Let’s take the Google path, it is the most used after all.


On Google, billions of searches happen every single day and you can maximize your presence therein by using search ads to make sure prospective clients notice your brand, consider your product or service, and act.

You can either aim for the ad to drive traffic to your site, grow your sales or increase your leads.

With the PPC scheme, you only pay Google when your advertisement has results. Only when people click your posting to go to your site or call you does Google get paid.

At the minimum, all you have to do is write something that presents your offerings, engage with potential buyers by picking keywords related to your product that people are searching for on Google, and decide on a day-to-day budget for you to pay Google per click. You will never pay beyond your monthly maximum budget.

If you’re not getting excited with this information, maybe you’re just needing some coffee. Grab a cup and get lit.

One of the better features of Google Ads is that it gives you flexibility with your postings. It allows you to create many versions of your text so you can see which one performs best.

With the availability of SEO stats and site analysis, you can track your progress. Google has a dashboard showing how your campaign is doing. Plus, Google will give you tips to make your campaigns more successful.


Surely you know what successful ad campaigns can do to your sales and overall business development. It’s a winner domino effect waiting to happen, so flick the PPC piece soon.

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Now, if you are one to remain humble, that is very, very respectable. So many people thrive in simplicity and a slower pace, frolicking through their happy small business days. If you’re that person, use PPC anyway. The affordability doesn’t hurt. It will increase your sales but it doesn’t mean you have to expand. You can defer your earnings to other good uses – charity, savings for a rainy day, a long-needed vacation.

Well, if you envision your business growing exponentially with maximum momentum, but are currently in a budget, yes, this scheme will work for you – it can be your gateway.

PPC makes your online presence significantly greater, and by targeting demographics, your traffic will surely convert to sales.

The best SEO companies for small business highly recommend PPC. In fact, you should seek online marketing SEO services – we have you covered here in We will make sure pay per click campaigns get the best results, but to enhance that –Kas Andz Marketing Group will help you win at all facets of digital marketing and boost and boast your best offerings.

Your customers deserve your products and we can bring you together in the best circumstances at the most affordable and reasonable cost. offers local SEO solutions and PAY PER RESULT SEO services – think of it as PPC but on a whole up-level.

Now if you think you’re getting ahead of yourself, maybe you drank too much coffee by now. Pace yourself and start as soon as you can.

So, it is a fact: effective advertising online doesn’t really have to be expensive. Go ahead and Start your PPC ad campaign, and look back on this article when you hire your first franchise management team.

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