How using handwritten letters can get more conversions!


The core of advertising is trust, now more than ever.

The short version – Handwritten Letters

Business people tend to get worn out from the routine of endless mail, automated messages, targeted ads, and the coldness of digital communication. Sending handwritten letters instead breaks the robotic monotony and makes business communication more personable. Transactions using handwritten letters in Business-to-Business makes proposals more noticeable, friendlier and thus, more likely to succeed. It is a wise strategy to include handwritten letters in B2B alongside digital tools.

The long version

B2B in the digital age does require efficiency and speed, hence the need for electronic tools and automated systems are employed to put information in place and get transactions done – it is a competitive arena where optimization is money.

How using hand-written letters can get to the inbox. 1

There is also a place in B2B for non-digital communication. Some more important or emphasized pitches, offerings or negotiations utilize physical printed mail. These letters are efficiently done and very well documented. Although it is slower than digital and only slightly individualized, it does rest eyes from the e-mail inbox and it gives the recipient a little more value just by being a more manual method.

There is, however, a game changing strategy in making B2B transactions stand out and have higher success chances; one that is most personal – using hand written letters.


Business decision-makers and CEOs are busy persons with restricted time to devote to scuffling through sales letters and emails. As a consequence, regardless of their fruitful history, many B2B (or business-to- business) sales letters and emails go unread, unclicked, or get trashed after a mere glimpse of their spammy quality.

Sending physical printed letters could entail some credibility, but people still see these as template, repetitive and these, too, end up in some box, attended to, only, if not at all, when the recipients have nothing else to do.

There is a work around this problem of neglect – a very, very simple surprisingly non-digital strategy that removes the monotony out of digital and template heavy B2B transactions. It is actually, simply getting a piece of paper and writing a letter and sending it. Though it sounds like a step backward, its casual lineament and unexpected distinction gives more to its effectiveness.


Handwriting letters in B2B is very different compared to what’s out there right now. A lot of marketers use strategies that are very digital first: cold email, automated email marketing, etc. Handwriting takes it offline – to something that everyone has done at some point.

How using hand-written letters can get to the inbox. 3

What makes this approach successful is that handwritten letters get noticed. In the digital age where people are constantly on email lists and programmed things set up to just ping at you all the time, a handwritten letter is actually now pattern interrupt.

The use of handwritten letters reinforces business to business relationships just by turning things a little bit more personal.

Handwritten letters, as opposed to emails and machine printed ones, do not look like another company promotion. Automated mails and other non-manual communications have built a reputation of being spammy and always selling and advertising and have become annoying at a certain level over time.

Hence, when a company really wants to get attention to a transaction, it is a good strategy to make it personal to convey a sense of mindfulness to the content and importance to receiver.


There are still a lot of things you cannot do in B2B by employing handwritten letters. A company cannot turn entirely manual.

Email and digital systems are still powerful and essential tools for business. Though most will never feel excited to receive cold emails and targeted ads, they are still important nets for marketing and especially for mass promotion of offerings.

Company mails can be a mix of handwritten, print and followed up with digital. Pure hand written letters are most effective in proposing to companies and customers or for special messages implemented just for relationship building; but when the message entails a whole list of nitty-gritty MOAs or TERMS and CONDITIONS, the information can come as attached printed file to a main hand written letter while being emailed as “soft copy”.

When the message is a simple FYI or a less important follow-up, a custom email can do, and if the message is for a massive amount of people, simply use mass-communication in the digital, unless of course you have an army of outsourced letter writers.

It is wise to reserve the use of handwritten letters for the right messages. The overuse of it might slowly wash it off of genuineness. If it is to be special, it is to be kept special. If it has to stay personable, it has to not be too massive.

The personal touch of handwritten letters can also be translated in automated systems. Response driven emails can have content that exhibit genuineness.


The best way is for a company to do handwritten communication campaigns in-house. Pick the staff with the best penmanship; but when the operation requires more hands, there are persons for hire for the craft.

The letters must be written with a firm and friendly character and has to remain professional while casual.

This tone and styling of handwritten communication can be carried on to digital tools. Digital tools and system can veer away from being robotic.

With, companies can automate Response Driven Emails in this manner. The website has tools that get companies traffic and turns this traffic into actual clients. These tools, when used alongside and in light of the casual nature of hand written letters in B2B, can grow a company exponentially with integrity.

Kas Andz fully automates company emails so every transaction gets the personal touch and structures letters for maximum potency and only show the most relevant content.

In addition uses Send Time Optimization to make sure that clients get the email when they want it, and divides recipients to interest groups, so that they will only get the content and offerings they want to see.

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