Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing for Lead Generation


Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing for Lead Generation

Email marketing for is still the number one marketing channel for most businesses across all verticals. The simple reason is that consumers still use email as a jumping-off point in their shopping journeys and they expect to get email reminders of sales and discounts. This article will cover how to use email marketing for lead generation to give your business the advantage it needs to succeed.

There are two very important aspects of email marketing. The first is growing your email list and the second is optimizing the content and design of your emails for each segment of your audience.

Today, we are going to focus on the first aspect – growing your list – because without the list you don’t have anyone to buy your service or product. We’ve compiled some of the top tips to help you grow your email list, so let’s jump in!

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Email Marketing For Lead Generation That Will Make Your Business Fly

Tip #1: Content is Key

First impressions are everything. What you write, where you write it and how it all looks together will make customers want to subscribe to your site on their own without any further persuasion. If you keep your content interesting and shareable, even reader’s friends will want to subscribe with their email address to see what the hype is all about. Here are some tips for great content.

  • Keep the content short, sweet and simple to keep the reader’s attention.
  • Always check for spelling and grammar mistakes as readers will catch them quickly and will call you out on it.
  • Make sure the content is straight to the point, free of cheesy lingo as well as unfamiliar jargon.
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Tip #2: Call-to-Action

Call-to-actions are super important. Site visitors usually don’t subscribe unless you ask them to. You want to give a reader every opportunity and reason to subscribe to your site while trying to not be obviously pushy.

Here are some great Call-to-Action strategies to use on your site:

  • Have a Subscribe button visible throughout the website
  • Having a sharing page option to social media groups (like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest)
  • Create lead forms that offer a promotion, free product, or a guide.
  • Tease the reader with some good content and only allow full access once an email has been provided
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Tip #3: Create Video Content For Your Audience

Part of keeping readers/visitors coming back is by creating a more personal connection with your audience. Webinars, podcasts, and YouTube videos are excellent ways to showcase your brand and personality. Video content is also becoming much more popular than written content, so use that to your advantage.

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Tip #4: Social Media Frenzy

Using Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram among others, can absolutely be used to your advantage to grow your email list. There are loads of simple, cheap and very effective ways to create a massive growth from your social media content. Here are 3 easy ways to get more social media attention:

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  1. Advertising instant promotions and/or gifts, such as a free e-book or free shipping, if they subscribe with their email address and share your content for their friends to see.
  2. Create a fun and knowledge-based quiz or survey to engage and interest readers to become active on your site.
  3. Creating a competition for a prize is not only an amazing way to get people to enter in their email address, but it will get people to share it with their friends and family who wouldn’t necessarily have known about your website otherwise. It will give your website a ton of hits as well as gaining a bulk amount of email addresses in a short time.

Tip #5: Collaborate with Other Brands

Working together with another company can have a massive impact on your blog. If you interview each other, your interview of the other company will give a fresh perspective on your site, while an interview of you from the other company will give you fresh new leads.

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Here are some tips on collaborations:

  • Running an ad or being featured in another company’s newsletter.
  • Being interviewed on another website and/or well known magazine.
  • Appearing on someone’s webinar and/or a podcast.
  • Running a Giveaway with other brands.

Take Away

The marketing strategies above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to growing your list. Whether it is through your thrilling content, amazing call-to-action strategies, new promotions through social media, getting personal with video content and/or by working with other companies to broaden your horizons. The best part about all 5 tips is that you can mix and match them all, which will give you an opportunity to be creative to see what strategy really works best for you, your site and your readers.

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