Companies Struggle with Technology!


Companies Struggle with Technology!

Companies Struggle with Technology: “Our Creative Teams Can’t Use Google!”

Ok, that’s not a literal quote, but its the underlying feeling when marketing directors and CMOs are trying to get stuff done. Creative thinking and technologically savvy with emerging technologies unfortunately don’t go hand in hand as much as the market demands.

Sound crazy? Well when CMOs were surveyed, 82% reported that introducing new technology was challenging, and another 10% said its dam near impossible.

But Ron, Why is this such a problem? Why can’t they learn?

Great question! Let’s break it down

Using front facing programs like Google or Microsoft Office is designed to help people, and is created to be a front facing program, to create front facing results. The technologies that work with today’s needed tools such as predictive modeling, customer behavior, qualification of leads, segmenting etc. while they can be mapped and planned, but fail at the execution level.

But Ron, its such a simple solution, hire marketers who know technology!

Sure! Now why didn’t I think of that lol. Well the answer is like this, Yes, that CAN happen but its near impossible to find the best level marketer who is also technically inclined.

9/10 you will find that people have 1 specialty, and they are really good at it. It leaves a deficiency on what they don’t know. This is why people are hired to do marketing or development , but not both. They are SOME that can be both but it is a rarity and even in those cases, its even more unlikely that this person will be a master in both.

If you’re a company that can’t afford to settle for second best, you’ll need both types of people in the company.

Ok Ron, fine, so why not just hire a developer that can do all of these things?

You can, and some companies do. If you haven’t guessed it already, shelling out another $100,000 a year (at least) to hire a developer that can solve these marketing problems is not a luxury that most companies have.

Where does that leave things…?

Using the old adage (hey CMOs pay attention) if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself! More CMOs are being forced to step up to the plate and begin becoming more technical so their team, who are executing the actual work don’t (read can’t) have to.

Sucks? oh yeah, reality? umm “:(“.

Its not all a bad thing, but its a shame that the all mighty dollar restricts companies from performing their best work. The hope and goal is that as companies evolve and the CMOs are becoming hybrids (for those who can) to the technical atmosphere, it can leak down to the teams.

Ok Ron, you got my attention, I don’t have the team, acumen or money. What do I do??

The first solution is to identify that there is a problem

Second is to understand what tools and technologies are missing from your teams’ toolbelt. You may need to hire a consultant for a few hours to do a systems review and point out what can be improved

Third is to put the plan in to action…whether its hiring someone new, doing the up-training for yourself/team, or bringing in an outside agency to fill in those gaps.

The one challenging point that can’t be ignored is, you cannot afford to ignore this.

At the KAMG team, we’ve seen it all, and if you need any help, just book a 10 min phone call. .

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