Best Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Using Email


Best Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Using Email

LinkedIn: A Proven Leader

I want to show you the best tips for optimizing your Linkedin account using your email. Not surprisingly, LinkedIn, has quickly and quietly become the market leader for businesses everywhere. There are so many ways that SEO, search engine optimization, can be utilized on LinkedIn. The clear winner when it comes to conversion rates is by far LinkedIn emailing.



One reason why email is so effective is that it feels personal. Back in the day, you might have sent out a holiday or birthday card to a potential client. Usually, this would have been a nice albeit generic message. In 2019, personalization is the name of the game. Here are some great tips from leading LinkedIn experts on how you can optimize your LinkedIn account and utilize your email to its fullest potential. As an extra, we have included an example cold email template that has been proven to get more than your foot in the door.

Segmented Email Networking

What makes LinkedIn so unique is the ability to connect directly with people that are in your specific reach. Finding relevant contacts is always the name of the game. Take, for example, you are a real estate company seeking new clientele in the UK. Other platforms will allow you to locate various clientele in the region, but it won’t let you classify relevant contacts the way LinkedIn specifically lets you target every nuance. This type of targeting allows you to tailor your content as well as design a successful call to action.

For example, if you are an SEO company looking to expand your client database as well as customer acquisition, utilize a LinkedIn expert to maximize your content. You can also use LinkedIn cold email templates, which will help you to target and tailor your content for maximum results.

LinkedIn Cold Email Templates

An email marketing campaign is an excellent way to grab and keep your audience. As you craft your template, things to consider are what relevant article and/or tip or strategy you can share with your audience. Again, you want to avoid the sales pitch. This is about free information that creates a loyal following. Keep it short and packed with value for your customer

Here are some great tips to format your LinkedIn email templates:

  • Make sure whatever email generation you are using, personalizes your greeting to include your potential clients’ first name.
  • Get Personal – Targeting should include mentioning what company they work for, what niche they are in, or their specific position at their company.

For example – Hi Dave, As the VP of your Marketing Department you are probably using Tool123 to get it all done.

  • Now provide a stat where you were able to raise revenue, drive traffic etc. This is your brag
  • Finally, offer a meetup to learn more about your client – identifying the problem, lets you be the right solution. Essentially they sell themselves. Pick a specific day and time.

Takeaway from our best tips for optimizing Linkedin

Boost your LinkedIn success though LinkedIn emailing utilizing an excellent template that targets your specific customer community. LinkedIn is a perfect place to up your SEO game and start seeing real results. LinkedIn emailing is one of the most powerful tools you can use right away to see real results.

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