Hot Tips to Amp Up Your LinkedIn Account


Hot Tips to Amp Up Your LinkedIn Account

Where to amp up your game?

How to amp up your LinkedIn account? If you don’t know already, LinkedIn, is the social platform for all things business. Despite a “stuffy” reputation, using LinkedIn advertising strategies and hiring a LinkedIn profile writer, are just two incredible ways to optimize your profile and more importantly your business.

In this article we will be breaking down these two strategies, so you can get started right away.



First, why spend time on your LinkedIn profile in the first place? Simply put, it all comes down to statistics and LinkedIn has them in spades. Take for example a heavyweight like Facebook vs. LinkedIn. Facebook has billions of users and LinkedIn has over 270 million. It seems like Facebook would be your better advertising and targeting tool, but, 94% of recruiters are using LinkedIn and when it comes to purchasing, your customers are 50% more likely to buy based on your LinkedIn profile, not to mention over 50% of business to business (b2b) companies are finding their customers on LinkedIn.

Convinced that LinkedIn is the place to amp up your game? You should be. Here are a few tips that will let you do just that, and before you know it you will be enjoying the networking, traffic, and conversions that LinkedIn has to offer. That’s why you should amp up your LinkedIn account.

DO hire a LinkedIn profile writer

Let’s say you run a Call Center Service. Cold Calling is your forte but no one knows because your profile hasn’t been optimized. We all know that SEO (search engine optimization) is the way to go. Before, you take years to learn SEO, utilize a LinkedIn profile writer to optimize your profile. Now instead of being #623 on a Google lookup, with a LinkedIn profile writer, you can make it to the first page. A LinkedIn writer should implement keywords, SEO, add multimedia, pick a great headline and much more.

DO Utilize LinkedIn Advertising Strategies

LinkedIn like Facebook, allows you to specify your target demographic. Unlike Facebook though, everyone on LinkedIn has a high potential for conversion. Utilizing the following advertising strategies on LinkedIn will give you a leg up against your competitors.

  • Sponsored Content-Like Amazon and other e-commerce spaces, using sponsored content will put you front and center. It helps you diversify your network as well as expand your audience. You can choose cost-per-click or cost-per-impression so you can maintain a budget and see impressive results.
  • Text Ads-Showing up on the side of the page, these clever ads will attract customers easily. Just make sure your headline and text are compelling and your targets are very tailored.
  • Target Your Audience-LinkedIn is very unique is how targeted you can be. Look for job titles your potential customer may have, where they would work as well as any unique talents, or skills. You can also eliminate irrelevant audiences.
  • InMail-LinkedIn InMail is a phenomenal way to reach and convert instantly, using SEO driven content you can expect incredible results

Let’s say you are a B2B real estate company, selling commercial real estate services and helping investors take advantage of the strong UK property scene. By choosing a unique LinkedIn advertising strategy, such as CBRE’s annual and successful Urban Photographer of the Year. Using sponsored InMail on LinkedIn coupled with their already successful sponsored content, allowed them to target a new and massive audience. They were able to engage 30,000 people from one InMail!

What are you waiting for? Amp up your LinkedIn account now!

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, utilize LinkedIn profile writers and advertising strategies and enjoy the incredible results!


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